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Get Free Zooba Coins and Gems in Minutes!

Looking to boost your skills and your power level in Zooba? This simple Zooba gems hack will give you unlimited resources to your account in just three simple steps. If you're a fan of this wildly popular MOBA by Wildlife Studios, you know how important it is to stay on top of your game.

Our AppZonk Zooba coins generator can help you do just that. Get free Zooba coins and gems in a matter of minutes. No download required - click the blue button to begin!

What Are Zooba Coins and Zooba Gems?

Zooba combines the fast-paced thrill of Battle Royale with the strategy and level-up system of a MOBA, making it a highly addicting game. The only way to level up and make your characters stronger is to spend coins and gems on upgrades.

Zooba coins count as the standard in-game currency, which you can accumulate after you play matches or complete quests. Zooba gems are a rarer resource that can be collected to purchase items from the virtual Zooba store.

What Can You Buy with Zooba Coins?

The majority of purchasable things in the game can be bought with Zooba coins. For example, you must pay coins to level up your animal character, or apply upgrades. You can also use coins to purchase items or unlock new animal characters. Sometimes you need Zooba coins to unlock new toolboxes.

What Can You Buy with Zooba Gems?

Some of the most popular items purchased with Zooba gems include:

  • Toolboxes (loot crates that give you items and character upgrades)
  • Resource bundles
  • New characters
  • Seasonal upgrades

Find a full list of packages that can be purchased with gems, along with their prices, in this handy guide.

Gems can be hard to come by, which is frustrating to players who are trying to climb through the ranks as quickly as possible. That's why we offer free Zooba coins and gems to your phone with absolutely no root or jail break required!

How Do You Get Zooba Coins and Gems?

In Zooba, free gems are hard to come by. You may acquire a few here and there when you move up a ranking ladder or open a daily gift. However, you really need gems in bulk in order to apply massive upgrades to your account.

The only way to get Zooba gems in-game is by purchasing them with real money.

You can also buy packages that come with Zooba coins. However, Zooba coins cannot be purchased with real money. They are an in-game currency only, and they are acquired when you level up, complete a mission, or open a toolbox.

These resources are too important not to collect. Click the blue button to access our free Zooba coins and gems generator to get unlimited resources in minutes!

Get Zooba Coins and Gems in 3 Easy Steps

It's push-button easy to get free Zooba gems and coins with our AppZonk generator. Just click the blue "Start" button to begin, and you'll get free coins in your account in 3 simple steps:

1. Specify Your Username and Platform

The first box will prompt you to enter the username associated with your Zooba account. Please note that we would never ask you for your password. We simply need your username so we know which account to send your unlimited resources to!

Then, you'll need to choose the platform your Zooba game is on: Android or iOS.

2. Choose Your Resources

Step 2 is the fun part! You get to choose how many free Zooba coins and gems you would like to add into your account. Use the arrow to select up to 20,000 coins and 100,000 gems at a time!

But don't worry, you aren't limited to those numbers. You will have lifetime access to the free Zooba coins and gems generator, so you can come back for more as often as you want!

3. Anti-Bot Verification

You quickly need to prove that you aren't a webscan robot before the coins and gems can be added to your account. Don't worry, this is a super easy and painless process!

First, click "confirm" to prove you're a human. Then complete a task in the next window (which is something a bot wouldn't be able to do). And voila, the generator will start adding Zooba coins and Zooba gems right into your account!

Get Your Resources Now

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