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FREE Age of Knights Coins & Gems

Age of Knights, which is also known as EMPIRE: Age of Knights by Good Game Studios is an addictive free-to-play mobile game featuring a growing empire of feudal knights. Players can defeat enemies and win battles to grow their cities. In order to grow your city and upgrade your knights, you need coins and gems.

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What are Age of Knights Gems and Coins?

In EMPIRE: Age of Knights, you must use gold coins and gems to purchase upgrades for your city. You also need gems and coins to decorate your city, customize your buildings, and grow your very own empire.

Both gems and coins count as in-game currency, the virtual resources you need to level up. Gold coins are a common resource that can be found throughout the game, while gems are a little harder to come by. This rare currency is the most coveted source of income in the game, and many players cannot access it - which gates them from progressing.

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How to Get Age of Knights Gems and Coins

In the game, you can earn gold coins by winning battles and completing certain tasks. After winning rounds of combat, or by finishing quests, you will earn a certain amount of gold coins. These can then be spent to boost your buildings, build new structures, or expand your city walls as you grow into an empire.

The other in-game resource, gems, can only be purchased using real-world money. You must navigate to the in-game store in order to buy gems, which are called "Rubies" in this menu. If you are connected to the in-game store, you will then be asked to spend real money on a bundle of rubies.

You can find a list of current Age of Knights gems bundles and their equivalent prices here.

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